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Build a solid foundation for you and your dog with this comprehensive at-home training focused on foundational training, obedience, health, hygiene, nutrition and more.

Do you want your dog to:

  • Stop barking, chewing, or jumping?
  • Listen when you call them or give them a command?
  • Walk nicely on leash without pulling or barking?
  • Have a solid training foundation for obedience and love as a dog?
  • Stop having accidents in the house?

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Remember a trained dog is a happy dog! We are here to prevent and fix problems like biting, growling, barking, not listening, leash pulling, destructive behaviors, having accidents in the house, and more.

We will teach you how to have a positive relationship with your dog all from the comfort and ease of your home.

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Our training experts are focused on making sure that you are not only training your dog for success but that you have a well-rounded knowledge about all things related to your dog including:

  • Getting your dog to give you the desired behaviors through verbal & signal commands.
  • Proper nutrition hygiene, and mental stimulants.
  • Necessary medical care, information about shots, microchipping, and licensing.

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