Since the COVID-19 Crisis stuck we understand that your dog walking and pet sitting needs have changed. Below is a list of services that we created in response to the crisis.

  • Supply Pick Up
  • Contactless Dog Walking
  • PawTree Consultations: We've partnered with Pawtree to bring you holistic options in Pet Food and Supplements. Interested in trying the products Click Here for More Info

Below we've put together some helpful resources for Pet Parents

Vet care

Most veterinary offices are open and practicing social distancing. Some vets are doing FaceTime or phone calls for an initial appointment so you can describe to your vet what is going on with your pet. Many have contactless vet visits; you drop your pet off at the door, and they have the appointment in the exam room with you on the phone in your car (or via FaceTime). So if your pet is having any health issues, don't hesitate to call your vet.

Pet adoptions!

There has been an uptick in pet adoptions since the pandemic started. That is always good news. We all know how comforting a pet is, and we are so glad that more people are adopting from the shelters. Many shelters and rescue organizations are doing low and contactless adoptions. Most have online profiles for their adoptable pets and will schedule an outdoor meet and greet that is within social distancing guidelines. If you have been thinking of adopting a dog or cat (or any shelter animal), now may be the perfect time to do so if you or your family are at home. The extra attention will help with potty training, learning the household ropes, and maybe a trick or two.

Pet Food, Supplies, and Pet Rx During Quarantine.

If you order your pet food or supplies online, be aware that many companies are behind with their delivery schedules. Don't wait until you are out of something to restock in case the delivery is delayed.

Some Q & A About COVID-19

Where did COVID-19 make the jump from animals to people?

Right now, they are still trying to unravel this mystery - as of this writing - they think it came from a bat, who then infected a pangolin (find out what a Pangolin is here). Pangolins are one of the most trafficked and endangered animals in the world, and they are eaten and used in folk remedies in Asia and Africa. This article will help you understand more about this.

Does my pet need a mask when we go out in public?

There is no reason to put a mask on your pet. If you are going to a place where you won't be able to social distance - wearing a mask is recommended for people, but your cat and dog do not need one.

Is there more information about pets contracting Corona Virus?

As this pandemic evolves we learn more about this disease. It does seem like both cats and dogs can get a mild form of COVID. But the main driver of COVID-19 is human to human transfer. As of this writing, there are no reports of a pet to human transmission. When you're out walking, it's a good idea for not only you but your pet to social distance too. Although pet fur isn't a good agent for the transfer of COVID-19, the AVMA is recommending  that you don't let your pets interact with people you don't know right now.

Below are a couple of links you can check to keep up to date on COVID-19 and our pets.