What Are Our Virtual Meet & Greets?
Virtual Meet & Greets

What Are Our Virtual Meet & Greets?

With our world seeming to change daily due to COVID-19, we are working to keep you and your family safe when you use our services. These are unprecedented times, and due to that, we must all work together to keep moving forward. This is why we now offer Virtual Meet & Greets!

Courtney’s Pet Care wants to continue to give you peace of mind while you may be traveling out of town or heading back to work. Today we want to discuss with you how a Virtual Meet & Greet will work and what to expect during this meeting so you can have everything prepared. We also want to explain some of the additional services you get when you hire us, to keep you and your home safe and secure. 

So, what is a Virtual Meet and Greet?

A Virtual Meet and Greet will take place via video conference and will allow us to get to know you and your pet, allow you to show us your pet’s routine, and allow us to answer any questions you might have for us, all while staying safe! These meetings will take place using an online platform called Zoom. If you are not familiar with this platform already, it is very user-friendly and can be used on your smartphone or computer. You will just need to ensure your computer has a webcam. 

During this Meet and Greet, we will go through the following steps, just as we would at an in-person Meet and Greet: 

  • Crating and uncrating your dog
  • Leashing and unleashing your dog
  • Show us your dog’s collar and tags
  • Show us where supplies are: food, treats, leash, collar, and any other items we may need

After the initial meet and greet, we would like you to send us a short video of you leaving for a walk and walking your dog. This will allow us to prepare for any issues that may arise – if a dog gets overly excited or doesn’t do well with other dogs while walking. 

Other services that are included when you hire us are listed below. We also guarantee to always have a sitter available, so if you have a last minute trip you don’t have to worry about scrambling to find someone new to watch your home and your pets! 

  • Home Security Check: We will do a walk through of your home to insure doors and windows are all shut and locked.
  • Basic Home Care: Rotating lights and curtains, bring in trash and recycling, bring in mail or packages, and water plants. This helps give the appearance that your home is not vacant.
  • Home Checks: Similar to the security check, we will do “walk-throughs” of your home to check for any issues such as water leaks. Catching these early is crucial to saving money if something were to happen.
  • Changing Walking Routines: We do our best to not walk the same path every time we take your pet on a walk. We try to change the routine so that they experience new sights, sounds, and smells. 
  • Reinforce Training Commands: During a Meet & Greet we will learn about your training commands for your dog. We take detailed notes on each client, and work to maintain consistency when we walk or watch your dog. This helps to reinforce behaviors that you have worked hard to train. 
  • We always have a sitter available. We have a team of reliable, responsible, and caring individuals and have created a smooth system for communicating needs for each client. Any sitter coming into your home will know your routine and will work to care for your dog just as you would. 

By offering Virtual Meet and Greets, we are working to limit your and our staff’s exposure to more people than necessary. We work hard to keep your home safe while you are away, with our team of trained individuals, we hope to exceed your expectations any time you hire us. Our goal is to keep you, our staff, and your pets healthy and safe and we appreciate your support during this time.