September 19th is Responsible Pet Owner Day

September 19th is Responsible Pet Owner Day

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As we celebrate Responsible Pet Owner Day on September 19th, you may be taking time to reflect on how you can improve the care of your pet. This might include scheduling a check-up with your veterinarian, trying a new food or treats, getting your dog more exercise, or hiring a professional pet sitter to ensure your pet is given the absolute best care when you cannot be there with them. Having a reliable, trusted sitter is essential for most pet owners. Whether you need someone to walk them while you are at work or to stay with them while you take a work trip or vacation, you want someone who is experienced, trained, and trustworthy. 

So what does it take to be a pet sitter with Courtney’s Pet Care Professionals? We take pride in hiring and training the best pet sitters and dog walkers in the New Orleans area. Here’s a look at all of the amazing things our pet sitters and dog walkers do to make sure your pet has the best care available. 

Each candidate must complete a pre-interview questionnaire and a video submission where they answer 10 questions, they complete an employment survey and background check. In addition to a full interview, the applicant must complete a Welcome Packet within 7 days that includes a written test. Each new employee must complete an orientation and on-the-job-training with a field manager or myself (Courtney). Many applicants have a passion for working with animals, but the selected few must have experience and other necessary qualifications to become a part of our team.

Once hired and through their initial training process, our pet sitters must become Pet First Aid and CPR certified. We also provide ongoing training for our team that includes online courses through FetchFind and a monthly training topic. These processes allow each of our sitters to provide consistent, reliable, and exceptional care for our clients. 

Our sitters are dedicated and work hard to exceed expectations. Our sitters begin their days checking on pets who need an early morning walk, potty break, or breakfast. They take care of midday walks for our clients, and do evening or late night checks to ensure each of our clients’ pets are given ample attention, exercise, and that they receive their meals at the scheduled times. These days can be long and tiring, but each of our sitters loves what they do and they are always looking forward to seeing their regulars or new clients!

We understand that there are many pet sitters to choose from. On top of an extensive interview and training process for new sitters, we also encourage our clients to download an app that allows us to check in for real-time updates on how your pet is doing. This allows us to share photos, tells you when we arrive and when we leave, and allows us to share our information with other sitters in our company.

Caring for your pet includes having a team in place for when you need help. Your team might include your veterinarian, a groomer, and a pet sitter. We would love to be your go-to for when you need help taking care of your pets. We offer a premium service for our clients, as we want your pets to receive the best care possible when you are not able to be home. We help pets live their best lives so pet parents in New Orleans and Mandeville can relax!