How will you take care of my dog as a dog walker/pet sitter?

How will you take care of my dog as a dog walker/pet sitter?

Taking a vacation or even traveling for work should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience for you and your family. For the times you aren’t able to take your pets with you, we want to help give you peace of mind to know that they are well taken care of and enjoying themselves even if you cannot be there. Each staff member at Courtney’s Pet Care Professionals takes pride in offering professional, personalized care for your pets. We understand that your dogs, cats, or other pets are family and we care for them as we would our own. Today we wanted to discuss with you the importance of hiring a professional pet sitting team and share with you exactly how we care for your dog while they are in our care. 

Finding the perfect dog sitter can be a daunting task. We understand that there are several options available from asking a friend or neighbor, all the way to boarding your pet in a facility. By working with our pet sitting team we guarantee to always have a sitter available, even if your travel is last minute. Our team is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified, fully licensed in our service area, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind while you’re away. If you download our app, you will also receive real-time alerts for when we arrive and leave your home. This app allows our sitters to communicate directly with you to provide updates on the visit and to share photos.

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Whether your dog needs a potty break while you are at work or you are going on an extended vacation, we are here to care for your pet. Below you will find a list of services and a short description.

Dog Walking

We are available 6 AM till 9:30 PM, 7 days/week to work with your schedule. This is great for a dog who has a little extra energy, or for days when you don’t have time to take them. Each walk is tailored for each specific pet and can vary in length. We also work to change the route each time we walk so that your dog can experience new sights and sounds. We have also implemented “contactless” dog walking so that if you want to have a tired dog during your Zoom call, we can take him/her out that morning. We can also plan to walk them right before your call starts.

Pet Sitting

If your dog doesn’t need a walk, this is a great option to choose for them. These visits are tailored for cats, dogs or even other small animals. We create a custom plan tailored to each household’s need. This means if Buddy is scared, we will take the time to try to form a bond. If Bella is sad because Mom is away, we will sit on the floor and hand feed him. Or, if it is a beautiful day and they are really enjoying their walk, we might take an extra lap.

Alternatively, if they decide to “redecorate your house” or have an accident and we need to wash materials… we will be there to get it done. We are more concerned about you and your pet’s happiness and less about the ticking on the clock! We will take care of it 100% with no extra charge for our time. Un-timed visits mean we are there for a quality time… not a quantity!” 

We can handle feeding, medications, or just giving your pet some love while you are away. For small animals, we can also include scooping litter boxes, checking the mail, bringing in packages or the newspaper, and alternating lights/closing blinds or watering plants.

Overnight Stays

This option can help alleviate the stress that your pet may experience while you are away. Especially if you will be gone more than a few days, dogs or other pets can get lonely. For an overnight stay, our sitters ensure your home is left in the same condition as when you left, if not better. We take care to keep a presence in your home, including alternating lights or closing/opening blinds. Most pets love this option so that they are not alone overnight!

Concierge Services

We also offer a variety of other options for you and your pets. Whether you need help with shopping, transporting your pet, or a nutrition consultation, we have you covered! We would love to discuss your needs and create a custom package just for you! 

Our company has also enacted several new policies in order to keep our staff and clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Details of these procedures can be found on our website or feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. 

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