Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter vs Family Member/Neighbor

Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter vs Family Member/Neighbor

When you need to go out of town for work or vacation you want someone you trust to watch over your pets and home, right? You might think the most logical person for the job is your family or a friend. Today we want to talk about the importance of establishing service with a professional pet sitting company vs. asking a friend or family member.

Factors To Consider When Asking a Friend to Take Care Of Your Pets

#1. Are They Accepting The Responsibility Of Caring For Your Pets? When asking someone to watch your pets and home that commitment brings on a huge amount of responsibility. Your family or friend might agree to watch them because they feel guilty telling you no. This isn’t their primary job, so they are less likely to take it seriously. Wouldn’t you rather have someone completely committed to the job?

#2. What Happens In An Emergency? Would your family and friends know what to do if there was an emergency with your pets? Professional Pet Sitters are trained in Pet First Aid CPR as well as have a keen sense of normal animal behaviors. Professional Pet Sitters are better able to address special circumstances that may arise such as what to do if your dog eats something it isn’t suppose to. Maybe your pet is on a special diet or needs medication at a specific time.

#3. Is Your Pets Schedule Being Maintained? When your family and friends visit your home this can leave you unsure about the amount of time that was spent with your pets and if they received the proper attention they deserve. What about the security of your home? Is it being taken seriously? Courtney’s Pet Care is insured and bonded as a precaution against the unlikely event something went wrong.

How Can Courtney’s Pet Care Help You?

Here are some steps Courtney’s Pet Care takes to make sure your pets and home are safe and sound during your absence:

  • Feed and maintain your pets daily routine (wash bowls, give fresh water)
  • For cats, we scoop the litter box and change the box, as needed.
  • Transport your pet to the vet if there is an emergency
  • Administer medication(s), as instructed
  • Daily updates with pictures outlining your pets activities and the day’s highlights
  • Home Services – bringing in mail and newspapers, putting out the trash, watering plants, opening and adjusting blinds and curtains.
  • Checking that all doors and windows are properly locked.
  • Making sure your alarm is set properly
  • We retain a copy of your keys, so no more worries of being locked out.
  • Each task is treated as a priority.
  • Each visit you will receive an update on how the pets are doing and if anything needs to be taken care of.

You can finally enjoy time away from home knowing your pet is being cared for by a professional who will put your pets needs first.

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