Backyard Activities for Your Dog

Backyard Activities for Your Dog

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There is no doubt that Coronavirus/COVID-19 will continue to impact your summer plans. While we all continue to practice social distancing, there are several activities you can do at home to keep yourself and your pets busy! Whether it is a rainy day spent inside, playing in your backyard, or going to a park, there are several games and things to do to keep your pet entertained and exercised! 

Even though summer is just around the corner, some days are just too hot or rainy to get out and do a lot. If you are stuck inside for the day your dog may have some extra energy. Below are some great ideas to keep them stimulated. 

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  1. Play tug-of-war or a light game of fetch. Most dogs love playing tug-of-war with each other, but it’s even more fun for them if you play too! Depending on the layout of your home, you might also be able to play an easy game of fetch. Just be mindful of furniture or breakables! 
  2. Training. This is a great time to focus on teaching your pet new skills, or reinforcing old ones. Basic tricks for your dog are sit, stay, shake, or roll over. Dogs can also be taught to put their toys away. This one will take some time and a lot of positive reinforcement, but if they have several toys and a basket to put them in, it can be done! If you are feeling adventurous, you might try teaching them to sit and wait for their food or treat until you say it is okay to eat. Teaching to kiss, bark on command, spin, or even stand on their hind legs will take a little more time to do but will be fun for both you and your pet!
  3. A “Treat Hunt” is an interactive game for your pet, this helps bring out some of their hunting instincts. You can purchase a mat that has special hiding spots for treats, or you can hide treats around the house or a specific room for your pet to find. Just be sure the treats are placed in safe places in which your dog can easily find. 
  4. Last but certainly not least, once your pet has burned off some energy, they will gladly partake in a cuddle session on the couch! Pick your favorite show to binge or a dog-friendly channel and relax with your best friend! 

Maybe the weather is nice, but you don’t have time for a full walk or a trip to the park, there are plenty of activities that you can do in your own backyard! 

  1. Set up a swimming pool or get out the hose. Summer is heating up and what better way to hang with your dog than by cooling off together? Purchase a small plastic pool, fill with water, and enjoy! Your dog will love it if you wade in the water with them and splash around, you can even put some toys in for your dog to “fish” out. Just be sure to empty when you are finished to keep it clean and safe!
  2. Fetch and tug-of-war are great inside games, but even better when you go outside! Your dog will have more room to run and move around. Fetch is a fantastic way for your pup to run off some energy even if you aren’t able to walk or run with them! If you aren’t great at throwing, or aren’t able to throw far, visit your local pet store to buy something to help!
  3. Hide and Seek can be played indoors as well, but can be even more fun outside! Keep a few treats in your pocket to reward your dog when they find you. Hide behind trees or bushes and see how long it takes for them to find you! 
  4. A more low-key activity for you to do is take a blanket out in the yard and just spend some time sitting with your dog. They’ll love to watch people and cars walk by and maybe even chase a bug or two. But getting down on their level will make their day! 

We hope you and your pet have a safe, healthy, and happy summer! Hiring a pet sitter or dog walker is always a good idea if your pet needs some extra care, has a lot of energy, or if you just need a break! Even if you are working from home, we are here to help you and take care of your fur baby. We are available for daily dog walking, or even just a few times a week to help keep your dog healthy.