Does your dog need a walk?

Get through your Zoom call with a dog that's tired!

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Kids and dog got you going crazy? Let us help by taking your dog for a walk and wear him/her out so you just have to worry about the kids.


Is your dog getting enough exercise? All dogs need time out of their house or yard for sensory enrichment and to stay healthy and in shape.

Just like the saying goes - a tired dog is a happy dog! We can help wear your pup out and even customize your dog's walk time based on your schedule.


You're working long hours but your new puppy needs to go out to potty several times while you're stuck at work, now what? Let us help keep your puppy on a schedule! We can customize a schedule that changes as your puppy grows older.

We don't just take the puppy out to potty, we engage them with basic commands, potty training reinforcement and lots of love and play. This is also a great option for senior dogs who need more frequent potty breaks.

The Courtney’s Pet Care Promise

We help pets live their best lives so pet parents in New Orleans and Mandeville can relax.

We Provide Pet Parents with Peace-Of-Mind.

We are an experienced, qualified, and fully Insured and Bonded Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service.


Courtney's Pet Care Professionals is a professional dog walking and pet sitting company. Our clients know that they are trusting their loved ones and their homes to a well-established, experienced, qualified, insured and bonded business. We are always available to help our clients, as well as speak with anyone who is interested in designing a pet care plan of their own. We are members of BNI (Business Network International) New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, NAPPS (The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) and Professionals United Pet Sitters


You and your pet’s safety are our top priority. That is why our Pet Care Professionals complete Pet First Aid & CPR training, adhere to strict safety standards and protocols when at your home, and participate in ongoing training and development programs.

Real-Time Check-Ins

Our software allows for real-time check-ins, so you know that your pets are getting their needs cared for.

Report Cards and Photos

At the end of each dog walk or pet care visit, you will receive a report that lets you know when your Pet Care Professional arrived, GPS location of your dog’s walk, and a brief journal with amazing photos of your pets!

Flexible Scheduling

We offer 24-hour scheduling and our dog walks are available 7-days a week. You can add dog walks or pet sitting services or adjust your pet care needs through our software application at your own conveinence.

Customized Services

No two homes or pets are exactly alike, that is why we offer our wide variety of services to be fully customizable to your needs. Have multiple pets? A unique pet, like chickens or a snake? Have a pet that takes medication? No problem!

Un-timed Visits

Wait. What? You might be asking yourself that very thing. Yes, we offer un-timed visits. What this means is that if your pet is nervous and needs extra time to warm up, we will be there to help form a bond. If your pet redecorates your house or has an accident, we will spend the time it takes to clean up. If an emergency should arise, we deal with it 100% at no extra charge. Un-timed visits means we are there for a quality time… not a quantity! With Courtney's Pet Care, you will never have an extra bill. We promise to provide full service and quality service.

Reasonable and Competitive Rates

As pet parents of multipet households, we understand that taking care of pets can be a large investment, so we make our services affordable and competitive.

Experience and Continued Education

Our experience and knowledge allows us to better understand your pet’s needs and how to best interact with them. We strongly believe in continual education and constant renewal of knowledge. As such, we offer our Pet Care Professionals opportunities for continued education in areas such as pet safety, behavior and overall well-being. We also offer Pet First Aid Certification classes for our Pet Professionals

Staff Always Available

We ONLY employ dedicated pet care professionals. We work with sitters who have practical experience in the pet care field and view their time with Courtney’s Pet Care Professionals as part of their career path. We run an extensive screening process on all applicants.

Veterinarian Recommended

We work closely with several local veterinarians that we trust and who highly recommend us.

Genuine Love of Animals

Courtney's Pet Care Professionals was founded on my passion for pets. All of us at Courtney's Pet Care Professionals make it our top priority to provide your pets with as much love and attention as you would. Our purpose is to promote your pet’s health and well-being.

Never worry about your pet’s well-being again!

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Our Mission is to allow pet parents guilt-free time at work or while traveling.

Our Core Values are:

  • Safety
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Extraordinary Customer Service

These values are at the center of our superb treatment of your home and pets, the heart of our customer service philosophy and the high standards we hold ourselves to each day.

Our Pet Care Professionals are employees not contractors and must complete a rigorous screening, vetting and training process with the owner.

We have many systems and processes in place to help insure that each pet receives the same standard of care.

Our app also helps ensure that your instructions are followed each visit and that no pet is left behind!

Our employees must provide excellent references, a clean background check, and be trained in both pet first aid & CPR certification. They must also complete orientation and one on one training with the owner before they receive their first solo visit assignment.

Our dedicated employees are backed by business liability insurance, bonding, and workman’s compensation insurance.

We are members of…

Safety Protocol

In our best efforts to keep out clients and community safe during COVID-19, we have implemented these strict protocols that all staff must follow:

  • Wear facial covering and gloves.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds before and after handling pets.
  • Keep hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes with them at all times and use before, during and after each visit.
  • Disinfect leashes and frequently touch objects, like door knobs and keypads.
  • Practice social distancing both on and off duty.
  • Alert the owner if they suspect that might be ill, or have been exposed to someone who is.
  • Check the CDC & WHO websites frequently for recommendations and updates.

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Pet safety

Dogs and cats love exploring and sometimes might get into things you wouldn’t expect. While most items in your home may be safe around your dog or cat, there are many foods, plants, and medications that can cause them harm. These can cause anything from a mild upset tummy or skin irritation to death. It is important to be aware of these items and to have a plan in place if something were to happen. It is important for you to be aware when walking your dog or taking your pet other places, that they are not eating or getting too close to strange plants.

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