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Does your dog get enough exercise?


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Concierge Dog Walking Services in New Orleans and on the Northshore


Kids and dog got you going crazy? Let us help by taking your dog for a walk and wear him/her out so you just have to worry about the kids.

We don't just take your dog on a walk, we engage them with basic commands, different routes for new and exciting scents and lots of love.


Is your dog getting enough exercise? All dogs need time out of their house or yard for sensory enrichment and to stay healthy and in shape.

Just like the saying goes - a tired dog is a happy dog! We can help wear your pup out and even customize your dog's walk time based on your schedule.


You're working long hours but your new puppy needs to go out to potty several times while you're stuck at work, now what? Let us help keep your puppy on a schedule!

We don't just take the puppy out to potty, we engage them with basic commands, potty training reinforcement and lots of love and play. This is also a great option for senior dogs who need more frequent potty breaks.

Trying to Decide Between Boarding, Friends or Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter?

Using Courtney's Pet Care Professionals means:

  • No more stress trying to rely on your friends, family or a teenager in the neighborhood.
  • We are a well-established, experienced, qualified, insured and bonded business.
  • Save time because you don't have to transport your furbaby to and from a boarding facility.
  • You can arrange your flight by what works best for you not the pick up and drop off time restrictions at a boarding place.
  • No possible exposure to illnesses or injury from boarding with other animals.
  • Added home security. Your sitter will give your home that "lived in" look while you are away.
  • Would your family and friends know what to do if there was an emergency with your pets? All of our Pet Care Professionals complete Pet First Aid & CPR training, adhere to strict safety standards and protocols when at your home, and participate in ongoing training and development programs.
  • Best of all "Your pet will be there to greet you when you walk in the door!"

  • Our software allows for real-time check-ins, so you know that your pets are getting their needs cared for. At the end of each dog walk or pet care visit, you will receive a report that lets you know when your Pet Care Professional arrived, GPS location of your dog’s walk, and a brief journal with amazing photos of your pets!
  • We offer 24-hour scheduling and our dog walks are available 7-days a week. You can add dog walks or pet sitting services or adjust your pet care needs through our software application at your own conveinence.
  • We are members of BNI (Business Network International) The New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, The St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce, BBB, NAPPS (The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) and Professionals United Pet Sitters.
  • We work closely with several local veterinarians that we trust and who highly recommend us.
  • Your pet will be cared for in the comfort of their own home by a familiar face.
  • Let us provide you with peace-of-mind knowing that your pet is living their best life through customized pet sitting services crafted to your own pets needs.

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Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter vs Relying On Family & Friends

When you need to go out of town for work or vacation you want someone you trust to watch over your pets and home, right? You might think the most logical person for the job is your family or a friend. When asking someone to watch your pets and home that commitment brings on a huge amount of responsibility. Your family or friend might agree to watch them because they feel guilty telling you no. This isn’t their primary job, so they are less likely to take it seriously. Wouldn’t you rather have someone completely committed to the job? Would your family and friends know what to do if there was an emergency with your pets?

See what steps Courtney's Pet Care Professionals takes to make sure your pets and home are safe and sound during your absence by clicking the "Read More" button below.

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